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SL2657F: just checking in on everyone. Oct 26, 2020 19:47:55 GMT 1
Flint: still good, given the overall situation. plenty of stress trying to get studying organized these times Oct 28, 2020 13:45:36 GMT 1
Sofia: My life is pretty extra mad right now, but hope it'll be better come next weekend (work + NaNoWriMo + I've got _bed bugs_, how the heck did I get those during quarantine????) Nov 1, 2020 20:50:50 GMT 1
Flint: Life got noticeable more busy studying + work + plague restrictions, but I'm still there! Nov 8, 2020 17:22:14 GMT 1
Tambri: i'm so sorry about the bed bugs! I hope you can get rid of them without TOO much hassel Nov 8, 2020 20:32:37 GMT 1
Sofia: Sorry everyone, overtime is kicking my ass this month + I'm fool enough to do NaNoWriMo too - will post as soon as I have the brainpower and time! Nov 23, 2020 20:13:10 GMT 1
Crispin: hows everyone? it's madness here but well, I only get to go out for my ten hours of work per week, university cut all irl teaching, so I got plenty of time and nothing much to do Dec 3, 2020 20:26:44 GMT 1
Sofia: Madness here too! I have time to sleep about 4-5 hours/night during the weekdays right now since I can't work from home and am traveling to avoid the rush hours (aka Super Early + Super Late), so I'm _very_ ready for the holidays XD Dec 3, 2020 21:49:48 GMT 1
Sofia: Hope everyone is doing okay under these mad circumstances! And I hope you have safe travels to and from work, Sonja! Dec 3, 2020 21:52:59 GMT 1 *
Crispin: ye its only half an hour each with masks and all, so manageable. usually early morning and noon, so i can avoid the worst rush Dec 3, 2020 22:06:46 GMT 1
Badger: Any idea what I can do around here? I've dropped out of the loop, again. Feb 23, 2021 16:43:12 GMT 1
Flint: Sadly I think it's not your turn in any ongoing thread! Things been very slow all around, thanks irl Feb 25, 2021 9:29:14 GMT 1
Sofia: Yeah, things are very chill at the moment - work has been keeping me busy since the holidays so I've had a hard time checking in with online stuff. I'll go through the unlocked threads and see what character's turn it is where, and let people know :) Feb 26, 2021 20:33:04 GMT 1
Sofia: Tag thread here: Feb 26, 2021 21:18:24 GMT 1
Flint: Just so u know, I'm away from the 6-15 march on a fieldtrip with university, where I will have little time and maybe even no internet Mar 5, 2021 9:26:45 GMT 1
Sofia: Thanks for letting us know and I hope you have a fun fieldtrip! Mar 5, 2021 21:31:47 GMT 1
Sofia: Finally remembered to update "Get to know the tribe" and my elves' opinions in "Relationships". The Relationships thread now only has the opinions of elves still in the holt. Link: Mar 8, 2021 0:33:56 GMT 1
Sofia: Work + novel writing project is eating up all my free time again, but I hope to be able to post in-game when the weekend comes around! Apr 7, 2021 19:03:20 GMT 1
Sofia: Weeeell clearly that didn't work out for me. Sorry for the radio silence, real life has piled some stuff on me. Will be back writing in-game as soon as things let up, but unsure of when that will be unfortunately :/ Apr 21, 2021 20:22:21 GMT 1
Sofia: Logging in here to say that I'm still around! Work has just been crazy busy since April. BUT I've got one week left until vacation, so will hopefully get time to post again then! Hope everyone's been doing okay <3 Jun 28, 2021 18:11:57 GMT 1